MetriXFreight L

Say Hello to Dynamic Dimensioning

MetriXFreight L is the most versatile legal for trade (LFT)
certified (OIML R-129 / MID) freight dimensioning system.

It smootly integrates into existing processes and enables
smart dimensioning processes for better data in logistics industry.

Unlike most LFT systems MetriXFreight supports 


Unlike most 

ZERO Footprint

Ceiling suspended installation means zero foot print consumption. Value space can be utilized optimally.

Instant Availability

Only 200 milliseconds to complete a measurement and a smart data allocation all measurements are instantly available to the IT infrastructure.

Increase Revenue

Measurement results taken by OIML R-129 certified MetriXFreight systems can be directly utilized to correct invoices due to incorrectly priced freight.

Key Technical Data


>> 300 pieces per hour (pph)

Max. object size (LxWxH)

260 x 260 x 260 cm

Min. object size (LxWxH)

20 x 20 x 20 cm


± 2 cm

Installation environment

-10 - 40 °C

Mode of operation


Object shape

Rectangular and irregular objects